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 Hongkong union international trade Co., Ltd and Hangzhou Cairun Technology Co., Ltd.  focuses on the development and application of high-safety, high value-added, and highly functional eco-friendly natural textile materials. Based on a number of national patents, raw material planting bases, the advanced microwave, ultrasonic equipment and technology, the company possesses the dyeing fiber products by using natural vegetable dyes and natural auxiliaries.
     To replace the production of chemical dyes intermediates, the production of chemical dyes and the printing and dyeing system, which would cause serious pollution, We have redefined the safe, healthy, and environmental-friendly botanic dyeing textile and has improved the botanic dyeing production system:

1. Committed to zero emissions during the whole process of dye plant cultivation, dye production and processing, and botanic dyeing production.
2. Standardized large-scale production. Rich colors, good fastness, especially light fastness by the 2 raised to above 6, more than the commonly used chemical dye textiles.
3. The natural dyes and natural additives used in conjunction with the function of antibacterial (especially resistance against germs), anti-ultraviolet, and other functions. The company is developing methods to detect anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and other functional vegetable dyes textiles .
4. Developed a botanical antibacterial petrochemical-free detergent for multifunctional textile dyeing plants, in order to significantly reduce the washing of textiles, conserve water and reduce pollution.
     The company takes develop as the guide, relying on the cultivation and production base distributed around, and gradually improves the natural herbal plant dyeing industry chain, promotes eco-friendly dyeing plant chlorine-free bleaching process of flax, hemp and jute and cotton, Tencel, Modal and other blended products, presents the functional fibers, yarn and other textile products to the high-end consumers with high security, high value-added, eco-friendly type.